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These Clever Gmail Hacks Will Stop Spam from Sites Who Sell Your Email Address


I rarely receive spam mail, but every now and then I'll get an email from Cat Fancy Magazine. I've never read an issue of Cat Fancy Magazine or been to their website. Actually, I'm allergic to cats. So how did they manage to get my information? Well, anytime you register for a website's services, you run the risk of having your email address shared with a third party, which may or Read More

Dropbox Alternatives for Agencies and How to Migrate


For nearly a decade, Dropbox has helped media companies and creative agencies collaborate on their projects with greater efficiency. While many have embraced the benefits the service offers, enough time has passed for teams to realize that Dropbox is not tailored to everyone’s needs. Specifically, agencies that work extensively with video have found that slow upload speeds, poor playback qua Read More

How long do hard drives last for?


Hard drive failure is unpredictable, so answering the question of how long hard drives last will inherently comes with a lot of caveats. Short answer: That being said, if you just want a quick rule of thumb for how long you can expect the hard drive in your laptop should last, we’d say you should be prepared for disk failure after three years of use. Long answer: A hand Read More

The 10 Biggest Misconceptions About Remote Work


Remote work is on the rise. Believe it or not, employees are opting for 30 more minutes of shut eye over 30 minutes in traffic. Turns out they prefer home cooked meals at a kitchen table over microwaved frozen meals in the breakroom. They’re also choosing impactful co-worker collaboration over water cooler gossip. In short, remote work is working. According to a 2015 Gallup poll, 37% o Read More


For SEO, links are even more important than you think


It's a rare business today that doesn't take at least some steps to optimize its website for search-engine rankings, but how best to do that remains an open question. A new study published Wednesday suggests that inbound links -- those leading from other websites into your own -- are even more critical than you may think. IT moves to open workspaces, but not everyone is happy In an effor Read More

5 front end optimization habits of highly effective developers


1. Add the CSS in the head, and place the JavaScript in the body. From the user’s perspective, the sole consideration is that she sees something meaningful on the page in a relatively short time span. That means, we need to shift our focus to page render time and invest effort in reducing the time to first paint. A typical HTML page developed today might look like this: Resources have b Read More

KM - Get Randomly ordered records with pagination


Using MSSQL as a database engine to get a randomly ordered results to display you would use: Select [column_name] from table_name order by NEWID(); This statement is a quick solutoin to get random records. The problem for pagination is that you want to preserve the randomness of the records while paging so as not to get repeat results. the solution is to use Select [column_name], Read More

IIS image upload for Wordpress


Issue "I am using IIS7 and wordpress 3.1 I noticed that even though IUSR had permissions on my uploads folder they weren’t propagating to the newly uploaded files. The other thing I noticed was that when a new image was uploaded the Owner of the new file was IUSR, and instead of giving IUSR the permissions that I had assigned for the parent folder it seemed to copy the permissions fro Read More

The Correct Permissions for WordPress on IIS


Quoted Issue "Hi all, We've been running WordPress on IIS for many of our clients for around a year now. While Web Platform Installer for IIS installs WordPress for you very successfully and runs perfectly fine the one thing I found it does not do is set permissions correctly for folders, including the wp-content/uploads folder. I have to go in change permissions for wp-content so that Read More