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Responsive design is the latest in website development and website design. One website that displays across various platforms and will keep your company in touch with internet users no matter what platform they are using.

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Every website we develop has a unique custom built CMS (Content Management System) which is built to suit your every need. From preparing and sending out invoices to updating your daily blog. Our team also offers stand by and training with our unique system that is user friendly and customisable.

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Need help getting your word out? No Problem! We've got you covered. We will assist you in setting up your Social media accounts, Google adsense, Adwords and Maps. From Facebook to Twitter we will advise you on how to generate traffic and if you do not have time, we can do it for you.

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We can develop your custom software for you. Why buy expensive software with license fees and no support if you can have your own custom software designed and built and the best of all its online and accessible from any pc or device.


A new media specialised Website Software Development & Design Company in Bloemfontein started in 1999 to accommodate our internal website requirements. In response to the demand for interactive website software products, designs & hosting services to complement traditional communication tools we registered the company name on 7th October 2000 at 13:49:12 and have gone from strength since.

We design and develop website solutions to improve clients’ business performance. Through creative relevance we strive to enhance the professionalism, independence and earnings of our clients with our great experience n this field.

The consumer or end user is the key to this process of consultation and we listen to them at every stage in the development process. People are our business, they work well when they’re happy, and doing work they are proud of, in supportive, stimulating environment. We share knowledge and skills.

Website developments are so fast that no one can survive without shared knowledge. Thinking creatively is not only the remit of the designers. We have account managers who are photographers, programmes who write and record music, graphic designers who write poetry and creative management who can write and present business proposals.

We encourage collaboration and reward contribution from everyone. The world class Web design Company is the one who is able to provide special structured solutions & innovations compatible to the individual needs for each client. It is the vision of Chillies to excel these standards!

Website design and website development are our main areas of expertise. With developers and designers in their own league we can develop and design any website you want. Give your business new live with a new website - designed & developed by Chillies Bloemfontein.

Terms We Often Use

Website design

Website design encompasses many different design and web skills in the production and maintenance of world class websites. The web design section of website development process mainly focuses on the planning and graphic aspect of designing the user experience and the graphic layout of the website that is going to be developed. The website design process overlaps the website development process by linking the development section with the front end the website user sees.

Website Development

Website development is the broad term on developing a website. This process features many design a nd coding principles and can be done in a multitude of programming languages like ASP.NET, PHP, JAVA, JQUERY, MSSQL and Html. The website development process also includes the creating and running of various content management systems and databases. In the ever growing web industry we have to be on top of the latest web development trends.

Chillies Software prides ourselves on staying up to date with the latest website design and website development tactics and procedures.


CMS or content management system is the custom web software we develop for your custom website that we are developing. The CMS will enable you to upload, change and edit your custom website. You will be able to login to a secure webpage that will enable all these features.

Responsive Web Design and Development

A Responsive website design means that the particular website will be able to adapt to the screen of the device it is viewed on. The responsive website will automatically adapt to any screen size and thus eliminating the use of a mobile based website. Responsive website development is the latest in technology in the ever growing online software development craze. Now you only have one website and it will be viewable for all.

Demo Link

The demo link is a way we enable you to view your website developed by Chillies Software.

Once we have completed the front end development and the CMS development we load your newly developed website on a demo link. Only you will have access to your newly designed website. In this process we iron out the kinks and finalize your website. Once all the changes are made, your new website will go live under the address.

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